The 3-Day Whole You Healing Detox

Completely cleanse and re-balance your body, mind, and emotions with Healing Foods, Healing Movements, and Healing Meditations...

Detox, detox, detox – seems like a lot of detox programs are out there these days.

People ask me all the time…

What’s the deal with detoxes? Do they really work? Do I really need to do one? How are they different?

So I decided to dedicate this entire page to answering all of your detox questions, and give you the full story about detoxing.

You see, most people don’t understand just how much a person’s waste can say about their health...

Hi, I’m Danette May, and I created this detox just for YOU...

I've influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people just like you. Believe me, I get how a person can feel so lost in so many ways, and how detoxing the whole you can be so life-changing…

Before I was the smiling person you now see to the left, I too was far from perfect.

I was skating through life acting like I was fine, but I really wasn’t.

I was as down as you get, beaten up, and struggling through my worst days, so I know what it’s like to need help... especially in breaking free from a life of imbalance and unhappiness.

Before I was 30 years old, I had already lost a son during childbirth, suffered through a hard divorce, was forced to live on $47.63 to my name, and was a scared single mom sleeping on the floor so my child could have the one bed in a tiny apartment.

After months of severe depression and feeling so lost and confused, I made the decision to fight back. I had to… I was dying inside.

I used my inner resistance as fuel to pull myself out of the “muck” I was in, and regain control over my life. And that’s when I discovered the mindset to living a truly successful life and also how...

Your MIND Is The Key To Lasting Change…

As I kept taking steps to overcome all my difficult situations, I discovered how much the mind plays a role in health and wellness, and especially in the ability to step into radical self-love, which is when the biggest life changes happens.

Luckily this tragic period of my life led me to discover a unique body, mind, and emotion healing philosophy of transforming your body not through punishment, but through healing foods, healing movement, and a healing mindset.

I decided to use my degree in pre-med and nutrition, and my 14+ years as a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor, and NASM nutritionist, to develop unique life-transforming detox, mindset, and fitness programs that have influenced the minds and bodies of hundreds of thousands of men and women all over the world.

As a personal trainer, the #1 struggle my clients had was dealing with cravings. Maybe you can relate… They would eat healthy all day, or even all week, but then feel the need to splurge on their favorite junk food or dessert, or gobble up a ton of carbs.

In my small, shabby apartment, I sat down to develop a detox for the person who had many of the same fear-based, mindset struggles that I did, and the same emotional eating issues my personal training clients had…

I wanted this detox to do more than just help people look and feel better in their bodies. I wanted to help people step into radical self-love and real, lasting success.

Plus, I wanted to make sure people knew the risks of NOT detoxing your body – because they can have serious consequences, which I’ll cover in a moment.

As a gastroenterologist, Dr. Jean-Pierre Raufman sees the problems that develop from a “dirty system” in countless people…

The digestive tract contains more bacterial cells than there are cells in the entire body.

It's very important that our bowels work well to absorb necessary nutrients but also keep out any foods, chemicals and germs that could do us harm.1 Dr. Jean-Pierre Raufman, a gastroenterologist at University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Reasons for foul smelling poop could include certain medications, having food that's been stuck in the colon for too long, or having an infection.2

It’s just one of the reasons I believe only a full-body detox can help you feel better, lighter, and more energetic - without all this “excess weight” dragging your system down.

And here’s something you might not know about detoxing…

It can help clear and reset your mind and emotional health too!

Like it did for Kristin Samsa Zako from Ohio, who said…

“This is a real transformation… not just because you’re releasing toxins, fat, and that ‘heavy’ feeling from your body, but because you’re also releasing pent-up emotions, for sure. Losing weight is huge, but it’s the clearing out and rebalancing of everything in you that must come first… and then the weight just naturally and almost automatically falls off.”

Kristin Samsa Zako

*Results are not typical and may vary.

Now I know you’ve probably heard that a detox can help you reduce bloating so your clothes fit better...

...and re-calibrate your metabolism so it works faster, and more efficiently…

...and clean out your organs of toxins that disrupt your system, including your brain so your mind becomes clear…

And YES! All of this can happen when you detox…

But if you’re like thousands of other people I’ve helped, you’ve tried detoxes in the past, and maybe saw some results, but then reverted back to the same old patterns that affect the way you look and feel.

You may be feeling a little skeptical about detoxing, and maybe a little vulnerable, but here’s my promise to you:

This detox is different because the approach is totally different from other detoxes.

It’s based on everything I’ve learned after DECADES of studying nutrition, to completely cleanse and re-balance not just your entire physical body, but your mind and emotions too.

In other words, it gives you “The Whole You” a clean, fresh start.

Here are just some of the reasons why people succeed on this detox, and fail on others...

This 3-phase detox is designed (without starving) to completely release and eliminate…

  • Toxins that have been stored in your cells, tissues, and organs, which started to accumulate in your body the day you were born...
  • Waste (literally rotting food) stuck in the “nooks and crannies” of your body…
  • Fat, including belly fat and cellulite that has “attached” to cells as a form of protection from toxins...
  • Foggy Brain, confusion and forgetfulness...
  • Emotional stress from your past and present, especially from the “stories” you tell yourself...
  • Unproductive exercise, where you work out like crazy, beat yourself up, but still can’t see the results you want...

Now I know there will be times on this detox that might get hard for you...

After all, you’ll be eating lighter to give your body a much-needed break… and you’ll eat only the most nutrient-packed superfoods and healing elixirs that can clear toxic waste from every cell and organ in your body.

The reality is… the more toxic your body is, the more you need this detox, and the bigger and more life-changing your results will be. But if you’re still not quite sure...

The 10-Point "Quiz" That Accurately Predicts If You Need A Detox...

One question will clearly tell you if YOU need a detox:

Do you live on Earth?

If so, then guaranteed you have toxins in your body, especially if you live in the United States. Since the early 1800’s, there have been countless toxic chemicals developed in our country alone.

According to scientists at the University of San Francisco, each year, tens of thousands of chemicals are manufactured in or imported into the United States – more than 30,000 pounds of industrial chemicals for every American – yet experts know very little about which chemicals may enter people's bodies, or how these substances affect human health.3

Screening for chemicals in a person is like finding needles in a haystack – there are thousands of chemicals in the body that come from different sources, says Dr. Aolin Wang, Ph.D., in the UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences.

Literally since the day you were born, you’ve been exposed to all kinds of different toxins... from the air, water, soil, food, and products you come into contact with.

Eventually the buildup from being exposed to harmful substances, and also putting non-healthy food into your system day after day, causes more and more toxification - which then affects your body, mind, and emotions.

Obviously most of us don’t wake up and say to ourselves, “Gee I feel bad. I really need a detox to get my body, mind, and emotions back on track.”

But what you will experience are the symptoms of needing a detox...

Our bodies can handle a lot... but there's a limit and that's where different symptoms might start showing up.

You know when you need a detox… you can just feel it. But in case you’re missing your body screaming at you to get clean, here’s what it feels like...

To find out if you need a “Whole You” detox, answer the following questions honestly:

OK so how’d you do?

Did you answer yes to even one or two of the above symptoms?

If so, that’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re functioning in a “STUCK” state… from being over-toxified, clogged, weighed down, and imbalanced.

The absolute BEST way I’ve found to heal and gently rebalance the whole you is with:

Healing foods…

Healing movements…

And healing meditations!

Let’s start with the power of healing foods...

Healing Foods Renew Your Body AND Your Emotions

Nothing is more powerful than healing foods... especially when you eat the most powerful superfoods on the planet!

Certain superfoods have the power to change your life at a cellular level - body, mind, and emotions.

When combined in a very specific way, and eaten in a certain sequence and time of day… these healing superfoods have the power to completely cleanse, deeply nourish, totally re-energize, and rebalance your entire system... out and resetting your organs and even your emotions - without depriving you - which is a promise other detoxes simply can't deliver on.

On this detox...

  • You’ll almost constantly be eating whole fresh superfoods and healing elixirs, so you’ll never feel hungry or deprived.
  • You’ll eat just enough to keep you going strong, but not too much that your body can’t heal your cells, organs, and systems by having to digest so much.
  • You’ll re-invite MAXIMUM and SPECIFIC nutrition into your body that gently cleans and rebalances you from top to bottom, while giving you system a much needed break!

Now here’s what’s really unexpected but so necessary for a TRUE The Whole You Healing Detox…

Healing foods heal your emotions tooand they have the ability to awaken your spirit.

Certain healing foods are going to have a different effect on your emotions. During this detox you can expect to feel a lot of your emotional turmoil getting cleared out too.

And since this happens at the cellular level, the healing is long-lasting. Not only will the healing foods on this detox clean out and re-balance your body…

This detox will also make you look at your life differently! Trust me… anyone who does this detox experiences this… whether they recognize it or not.

You’ll definitely start to question things. You’ll ask yourself things like: “Why am I doing this, and not that?” and “What are the things that really matter to me?”

You’ll start to look at the relationships you have… the friends you’re keeping… and your decisions.

And here’s what especially needs to be addressed: For so long, so many people hold very intense, often disturbing emotions inside…

Well guess what...?

Pent-up emotions hurt you and influence you at a deep, cellular level...

One of the reasons negative emotions affect you so much is due to what Dr. Bruce Lipton – the world-renowned leader in cellular biology and quantum physics, and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief – calls “cellular memories.”5

Electromagnetic signals that are produced by our senses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as we experience the world send "messages" that reach the cells.

As you constantly adjust to your environment in your mind, so do your cells.

This is serious stuff...

On September 12, 2004, the Dallas Morning News ran a story, “Medical School Breakthrough,” about a new research study that had just been completed at Southwestern University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas where scientists discovered that...

“Our experiences do not just reside in our brains but are recorded at the cellular level throughout our bodies, and they believe these cellular memories are the true source of illness and disease.”

In their interview with Dr. Eric Nestler, MD, Ph.D., Yale University School of Medicine, Director of the Friedman Brain Institute, he and other scientists believe that…

“These cellular memories might mean the dif­ference between a healthy life and death… Cancer can be the result of a bad cellular memory replacing a good one… This may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness.”4

So what’s the deal? Can you just think positive and get rid of these negative memories? Not quite, says Dr. Lipton in his groundbreaking book called Biology of Belief…

“You need more than just ‘positive thinking’ to harness control of your body and your life. It is important for our health and well-being to shift our mind’s energy toward positive, life-generating thoughts and eliminate ever-present, energy-draining, and debilitating negative thoughts.”5

So you see… it’s also critical to “detox” the negative thoughts, feeling, and “stories” you may be holding onto… because they become, if they haven’t already, extremely toxic to your life - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

That’s why releasing stuck emotions and shifting your mindset is a key feature of this detox, which I haven’t seen in other detoxes.

The healing foods in this detox can release these harmful emotions... so you feel less stress and turmoil, and create a sense of bliss and lightness in your being.

I also added healing meditations to this detox (which I’ll talk about next) because they play a critical role in helping you to more quickly and fully release negative thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.

And here’s what’s really unexpected, and a welcomed bonus when you rid yourself of toxic waste from your whole being…

Once this detox cleans out the toxins and waste from all your physical structures, including all your cells and organs…

AND it helps your body to release your toxic thoughts and emotions, at the cellular level…

Guess what happens…?

Your body receives the signal it needs to release the fat that it layered over your organs to protect them against toxic build-up…

Plus your spirit lets go of the thoughts and emotions that are not longer serving you…

And when these two things happen, that’s when the stubborn fat and so much excess “life weight”...

Can be released.

Hard to believe that all this can start to happen in just 3 days… but it’s true!

Think of this detox as a jumpstart on rebooting your life… a detox that heals the whole you… as if you’ve just gotten a clean slate on life!

And to make this all happen for you even faster, I’ve added...

Healing Meditations Which Release and “Reprogram” Your Mindset and Emotions

Your mindset is the key to real, lasting change, including the ability to manage your weight.

That’s why, each day on this detox, I’ll guide you through a short but powerful healing meditation.

Here, I’ll help you “detox” (if you will) the negative thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.

It’s human nature to tell ourselves “stories” based on experiences from your past, especially when they hurt or disappoint you. It’s a coping mechanism, often unconscious.

Your stories can create painful emotions such as anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness, anxiety, and disappointment, just to name a few.

However… through a few simple changes in how you process your past, present and future experiences, you can forgive yourself, and those who are part of your stories. You can reprogram how you think about your world, and become the person you really are and who you want to become...

My goal is to start the process of setting you free from the hard emotions that so many people often battle.

And finally, the last part of the Whole You Healing Detox is...

Healing Movements That Feel So Good, You Stick With Them and See Results

Why do I teach you healing movements each day on this 3-day detox? And what, exactly, are healing movements as opposed to just plain “exercise?”

From what I’ve seen, so many people have a love-hate relationship with exercise, and I don’t blame you…

You know you should exercise... but if you’re like most people, you go back and forth in your own mind justifying all the reasons you don’t want to go.

And in the end... if you don’t exercise, you know your body isn’t going to change. And then, you start beating yourself up for failing...

Well, I have a better way for you.

We’ve always been told that to have a sexy, shapely body, you have to practically kill yourself in the gym.

Now we know that’s simply not true!

Today you can do very specific, yet powerful healing movements, that give you incredible, noticeable results... without having to endure long, hard workouts.

Each day on the Whole You Healing Detox, you’ll get a quick 15 to 20 minute movement plan. Each movement is designed to increase your fat burning hormones, elongate and shape your muscles, calm and recenter your mind and emotions, and promote maximum health and beauty…

… and they’re FUN as heck! Plus we’ll have fun doing the movements together as you follow along on the video with me.

The result?

You’ll walk away feeling better and be filled with new energy and inspiration to do all of the healing movements you’ll be learning… because they feel so good.

Plus, this kind of exercise won’t deplete you. It doesn’t “beat you up.”

It’s only when you feel so good about what you’re doing that you’ll WANT to stick with it… even look forward to it…

And you know what my friend…?

This is when the MAGIC happens for you…

You’ll feel better and happier doing these healing movements, helping you stay consistent, and the results will start pouring in…

You’ll watch as your body starts to change... sexy curves start to show, and your core starts to get stronger.

If you keep doing them, your future will be YOU smiling in the mirror at the tone, beautifully shaped body you always wanted.

So now you’re ready to...

*Results are not typical and may vary.

Clean and reset the WHOLE you… through a simple, yet highly effective, 3-phase detoxification...

A complete, holistic detox requires:

A very specific combination of foods…

Eaten in a certain sequence…

At the right time.

When you eat healing food in a specific combination, sequence, and time of day, they give you the greatest benefit for your health, skin, and organs. Not to mention the way you look and feel!

You can clear your body of dangerous toxins and keep them from harming your delicate cells and systems by following a natural, nutritious cleansing program. One that will give you exactly what your body needs to flush out all of the toxins that shouldn’t be there, and boost your metabolism at the same time.

Now remember… my mission is to help as many people as possible to look and feel better in their bodies...

So, less than you'd pay for a chicken salad at a restaurant, you’ll get an easy, 3-day program with a complete shopping list, and simple recipes that you can make at home without punishing, depriving or starving your body.

You will gain access to:

A highly effective and complete 3-day healing foods meal plan that will powerfully eliminate toxins and boost your metabolism so you burn more fat more efficiently… 3 days of healing mediations and healing movements that will clear and re-balance the Whole You – body, mind, and emotions – for MAXIMUM detoxing and rebalancing benefit when you follow each of the 3 phases:

Phase 1 (Day 1)

Healing Foods: During this phase you’ll be easing into this detox by prepping your body. You’ll begin the process of flushing out the toxins that are stored in your cells, tissues and organs. You’ll feel a lightness that comes with giving your organs a break… a much needed rest… from having to process so much food, especially if you eat food that isn’t healthy. You’ll feel your hormones begin to realign and experience newfound energy.

Healing Meditation/Motivation: On Day 1, I’ll explain why your body is responding to this detox more fully than you may have experienced on other detoxes, and what you can expect to look and feel like by the end of Day 3. Plus, I’ll guide you through a healing meditation that will relax you, and begin to shape and affirm your self-love, forgiveness for yourself and others, and show you the life you have to look forward to.

Healing Movement: The first video exercise we’ll do together is Flow Movement. It’s designed to help you reconnect with your spirit and your body, and help to re-write the “stories” that aren’t serving you anymore. These movements will improve your posture, and increase functionality in your joints, hips, and lower back. Best of all, they will decrease pain, and any stress that you’re feeling. You can do this gentle, easy workout as your main exercise for the day, or do it morning and night to get centered.

*Results are not typical and may vary.

Phase 2 (Day 2)

Healing Foods: During this phase you’ll add gentle, non-inflammatory foods into your body so your body has a chance to digest fully. These are recipes that have been specially designed to allow your body to naturally and safely purge the toxins from your system. It’s a gentle process that lovingly transforms you physically and emotionally.

Healing Meditation/Motivation: On Day 2, I’ll cover the different reactions you might be having during this detox, which depends on how much toxic build-up needs to be cleared from your system, and the degree of imbalance in your body.

I’ll also explain the wide range of emotions that may be starting to come out, what your soul might be trying to tell you, and what’s going on inside your body as you cleanse and renew the whole you at the cellular level.

Plus, I’ll guide you through a healing meditation based on the fact that what you say (to yourself and others) is exactly where your emotions and body will go. This is something you can control with the right mindset, which I’ll practice with you, so that you can live out your life with more happiness, health, and adventure.

Healing Movement: On Day 2, we’ll do my Pilates Fusion exercise video together. This is a perfect example of how workouts don’t need to be hard to be effective. I’ll guide through this gentle release of negative thoughts and emotions with easy movements that tap into your soul and accelerate your process of awakening, all while improving your strength, mobility, and all-over-body muscle tone.

*Results are not typical and may vary.

Phase 3 (Day 3)

Healing Foods: During this final phase you will complete the process of flushing toxins out of your body. You’ll nourish your body, let go of all the toxins and excess body fat that is not needed and receive a boost of confidence and energy. You’ll experience a newfound health, energy, clarity, and vitality both in the way you look in the mirror, to others, and in how you feel. When you finish this phase your body will be in prime fat burning mode and you will have started to learn how to eat healthy for life.

Healing Meditation/Motivation: On Day 3 you’ll get some extra words of encouragement from me to keep you going strong! Plus, I’ll guide you through a meditation that will help you see that you are deserving of all the world has to offer, and how lucky you are to be you, just the way you are.

Healing Movement: On Day 3, you’ll repeat the Pilates Fusion exercise we did the day earlier. I do this because I want to keep things simple and allow you to focus on your body. This workout helps to gently get your body back into alignment and center you as you finish the detox.

Each phase is done without depriving, punishing or starving your body. It’s designed to give you amazing results and keep you feeling great about yourself through each day and beyond.

*Results are not typical and may vary.

Remember… we’re doing all of this because the healing foods, healing meditations, and healing movements will help to…

  • Clean out toxins and waste that clog and disrupt your system…
  • Re-balance your hormones…
  • Reprogram your mindset and emotions to a healthier way of thinking and feeling…
  • Revitalize your skin and energy so you look and feel younger…
  • And help your metabolism starting working like it SHOULD! but I think you’d agree that’s a GOOD problem to have! ☺
*Results are not typical and may vary.

All of these amazing Whole You health benefits are available for the taking, just like they were (and still are) for Angie Kisch…

“I’m 52 but after doing this detox and learning this healthy lifestyle, I feel like I did when I was in my mid-30’s… before I had kids! I haven’t felt this good maybe ever… I feel a lightness and I feel… HAPPY. Plus I have a crazy amount of energy everyday now! This isn’t just a detox… it’s the start of a new way of life.

Angie Kisch

*Results are not typical and may vary.

And here’s what’s really great for you...

Since my mission is to help as many people as possible to experience OPTIMAL HEALTH in body, mind and emotions, I give you all 3 phases of healing foods, healing meditation, and healing movements…

All for only $19!

If you’re ready to get started, just click the “Add To Cart” button below. That will take you straight to our secure acceptance form, where you’ll enter your details so I can send you this FULL 3-day detox program instantly, which includes a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. That way you can get started right away, risk-free!

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And if you aren’t quite ready, let me tell you why...

Detoxing And Re-Balancing Your Body Never Tasted SO Good!

During this 3-Day Detox, you only eat foods that your body naturally craves and needs to heal, so you feel better and better with more confidence as you go through each of the three days.

You make elixirs that combine certain liquids that will quickly and completely FLUSH the toxins all the way out of your colon.

I get the psychology of a detox too…

That’s why I made sure you put something in your mouth about every two hours. You simply won’t have time to get derailed with hunger pangs or cravings!

I also added delicious solid foods that are both very satisfying, and stop crippling cravings. I know that if you don’t eat what your body is craving and if it doesn’t taste good… then you’re probably going to stop the detox, and that won’t help you!

This detox isn’t just about cleaning out your system…

The foods you’ll eat on this detox are full of super-nutrients that infuse your cells and all your organs with the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that you usually don’t get in any diet, even the healthiest diets.

And finally, the foods and elixirs in this detox will rehydrate your body... right down to the very last cell!

With a clean, nutrient-infused, re-hydrated body, you’re going to feel a ton of energy and clarity!

Here are just some of the delicious healing foods you’ll eat during the 3-Day Whole You Healing Detox, and how they help you.


Kefir is loaded with 10x the probiotics as Greek yogurt and helps with gut inflammation as well as boosting your immunity. The high amount of protein in kefir will also help you stay satiated and feel fuller longer.

The healthy fats in kefir will help you absorb the fat soluble vitamins in this drink. It makes sense that the word kefir is derived from the Turkish word keyif, which means “feeling good” after you eat it!6


Berries are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, which will help you absorb the iron that is in the spinach or kale on this detox.7


Limes help with digestion and constipation. They help you eliminate the toxins and waste build-up.8


Lemons are a phytochemical that helps to detox your liver. 9


Chia seeds are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, which will help your body flush out unwanted waste, and help to improve the health of your gut, where nearly 70% of your immune system lives.10

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which boosts your metabolism by slightly raising your body temperature while boosting your immune system and decreasing inflammation which occurs in your gut.11

Kale and Spinach

Kale and Spinach are very high in antioxidants, and are two of the best superfoods for detoxing, especially the liver, as well as the other organs in your body. 12


Bananas help with inflammation and make your smoothies naturally sweet. 13


Cucumbers are a great source for clearing out the internal system, and are loaded with a wide range of vitamins that help with arthritis, diabetes, and cholesterol. 14


Pineapple doesn’t just taste amazing… it contains bromelain which has amazing anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits; as well as protecting and healing your skin. 15

Coconut oil

Coconut oil helps your skin look and feel younger, smoother, and more “plump” while keeping your cellular structures strong. The healthy fats in this superfood will help you feel full as well as eliminate toxic build-up.


Cacao (pronounced “ka-cow”) is truly a SUPER food, and it’s naturally DELICIOUS! It’s loaded with antioxidants, tastes incredibly rich, and stops cravings on the spot. 16


Avocados contain a wonderful fat that helps your body burn fat. Healthy fats are essential, because you need fat to burn fat, and you need fat to help your body absorb certain nutrients. 17

Each of the healing recipes are easy to make in 5 minutes with 5 ingredients or less and taste delicious!

You’re going to slough off toxins and lower your inflammation with everyone’s favorite, the “Detox Pina Colada” recipe...

You’re going to fire up your metabolism so you burn fat faster and more efficiently with the “Fired Up Metabolism” recipe...

And you’re going to put some “Bliss In Your Belly” with this delicious lunch recipe with kale, mango (or papaya), quinoa, and pure coconut milk...


So you see…

Detoxes can be simple and delicious… and you can eat real food while detoxing!

So what do you think?

Are you ready for a brand new you?!

If you’ve read this far, then you are definitely serious about taking control of your body’s health, clearing out harmful toxins, and re-balancing your entire system – body, mind, and emotions.

Just like Elle Fourie did when she told me…

“I realized I couldn’t live the next 40 years like the past 40 years. One day I stepped on the scale and I looked in the mirror, and I knew it was time. After all these years trying everything under the sun, this was the ONE PROGRAM that actually worked. It’s definitely different, because of the healing foods, healing meditations, and healing exercises… it really does heal every part of you.”

Elle Fourie

*Results are not typical and may vary.

Now, all that YOU need to do is make a decision, and here’s what I can do for you

I Want To Make This Decision As Easy As It Gets So You Can Start Feeling Better Today!

I don’t want you to take my word for it – I want you to experience a clean slate in life, which includes… abundant energy… getting rid of dangerous toxins… rebalancing your hormones… sleeping better – every night… and having a body that is in prime fat burning mode.

And I promise you will experience this, when you say YES to this offer for the Whole You Healing Detox – especially since it comes with a 100% RISK FREE Guarantee!

If you don’t feel cleaner, lighter, more energetic, and more clear mentally and emotionally, then IT’S FREE!

And here’s one other thing… No one is going to do this for you. But I know from personal experience and my years of expertise, and from working with thousands of countless people... that if you’re looking for a “clean slate,” this is where to start.

Like Kristin from Ohio, who explained it like this…

“If you feel bad or out of shape physically, or overwhelmed emotionally, or just plain lost… this will jumpstart you back… this is like getting a clean slate in life. However you do have to WANT this for yourself. You can’t expect to look better and feel better without making changes, and taking the chance FOR YOU.”

Kristin Samsa Zako

*Results are not typical and may vary.

The Whole You Healing Detox Comes With A Complete, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Talk is cheap. that's why I put my money where my mouth is! Try the Healing Detox complete 3-day program. Then take some time to ensure the transformation you've created is real, and long-term. In fact, take 60 days, just to be sure!

If, within 60 days from purchasing the program, you're not completely, 100% satisfied that you look and feel more energetic... if your friends and family don't acknowledge how amazing and vibrant you look... then I'll refund all your money. No questions, no hassles. I'm dead serious. This program works, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is to prove it!

To get started, just click the “Add To Cart” button below. That will take you straight to our secure acceptance form, where you’ll enter your details so I can send you this FULL 3-day detox program instantly, which includes a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. That way you can get started right away, risk-free!

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  • You’re going to think sharper all day long...
  • You’re going to see clear vibrant skin…
  • You’re going to get over those crippling food cravings...
  • You’re going to balance your hormones…
  • You’re going to reduce your stress and feel a healthier and more balanced mentally and emotionally...
  • And ultimately, you will get rid of dangerous toxins that accumulate in your body so you can renew your body’s natural homeostasis of optimal health and perfect balance.
*Results are not typical and may vary.

“This is THE SHIFT…

The shift into healing… The shift into re-balancing… The shift into a clean system… The shift into healthier thinking and emotions… The shift into A NEW YOU!”

Joy Husel

This amazing 3-Day The Whole You Healing Detox does what no pills, magic drinks or slimming bars can do – it naturally triggers your body’s ability to revitalize… energize… and balance hormones to PREVENT liver damage, slow metabolism, and inflammation.

A clean body, mind and emotional state is waiting for you! Order now while you’re still thinking about it!

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The Whole You Healing Detox

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No Shipping Cost Saves You Money!

All materials are DIGITAL and sent to you instantly in PDF format. ANY computer can use it! That means you can start TODAY!


Danette May

Author, Certified NASM Nutritionist Trainer, Fitness Model, and Mom of Three Kids.

P.S. Throughout this letter I’ve shown you just a handful of the success stories we’ve received from those who’ve tried this detox. If I were to show you all of them, it would take a LONG time to read! That said, here are a few more…

I did the 3 day detox loved it! Felt great lost 4lbs my jeans fit way better and my husband lost 7lbs in those 3 day too

Odett Regis

I weighed myself after the 3 day detox was down 8lbs!!! Now I’m on day 10 of your 30 day challenge and i feel amazing!

Jessica Wilson

I lost 7lbs and my skin is so bright and clear. Feeling so much energy

Karen Kay Fick

I did her 3 day detox, lost 5lbs. I’m now on her 30 day challenge and i’m down another 5lbs. Am feel better and the food menu is good! I am now addicted to green smoothies. Love Danettes approach and program!!

Laura lacopelli Rosignal

I am a registered nurse and have done many fasts before with my hubbie. This is by far the healthiest fast I have ever done and lost 9 pounds in 3 days--I am 5’ 11” but still. WOW! AND I feel great

Donna Pendzick Waltzer

Love this detox! Worked great and I was not hungry!! Recommend this to all!!! Lost close 10lb with this detox!! Please let me know if you have any questions!!!!

Hayley Smith Adamson

Did detox lost 9 lbs. It was awesome!! More clear minded, good better, lots of energy ❤

Jamie Morara

Did it, loved it! Following your program and have lost 20 pounds! Thank you Danette!!!!

Susie Donovan Danesi

After 3 days on the detox, I went immediately into the 30 Day Challenge and lost 13 lbs in the first 3 weeks. Loved it. Also got pregnant on week 3 after 2 years of infertility

Paula-Dan Florczykowski

*Results are not typical and may vary.

The Whole You Healing Detox

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34.48% Discount

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No Shipping Cost Saves You Money!

All materials are DIGITAL and sent to you instantly in PDF format. ANY computer can use it! That means you can start TODAY!

And if you aren’t quite ready, let me tell you why...

P.P.S. Remember, I’m personally guaranteeing for a full 60-days that if you follow the steps I’ve presented in the Whole You Healing Detox, and eat the recipes I recommend and do the quick body movements… then you’ll rid your body of the toxins, boost your metabolism, and skyrocket your energy so that your body is in prime fat burning mode.

The Whole You Healing Detox

Regular Price


Discounted Price


34.48% Discount

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No Shipping Cost Saves You Money!

All materials are DIGITAL and sent to you instantly in PDF format. ANY computer can use it! That means you can start TODAY!

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